A free verse poem

Maybe the hell I’ve always feared
Was burning inside of me?
And the only way to heaven was to walk right through the fire
Falling forward I ignite
My mind and body engulfed in heat
I’ve made a mistake
Let me drift back to sleep
Give me the inferno I thought was heaven
The combustion I called love
This pain is suffocating
My self is melting off
My life bursting into flames
I’m writhing in the violent death of everything I knew burning down
But as the smoke begins to clear
And ash settles on the ground
I dust off a brilliant diamond
At last, I am found
The Garden I’d been longing for
Was waiting on the other side of hell
The blaze of truth spread like wildfire until finally I was free
Now I inspect Eden to ensure all embers are extinguished
A match and gasoline ready in each hand
I’ll light a controlled burn next time
But I’m not going back to sleep
Except to rest peacefully under the Tree of Life

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